I believe in the power of smart, nimble and able partnerships, especially as we navigate an industry that’s continuously burning and building.

To that end, I’m likely looking for what you are looking for — a good fit. Assuming you find my work representable (not to be confused with reprehensible), I seek someone who is creative about opportunities, honest with criticism and who wants to do amazing things.

I think you will find that I’m an easy writer when it comes to edits and critique. I know writers will say that, so I have clients that believe it also. Here are a few:

“He’s been the easiest and most effective writer with whom I’ve ever worked. He’s a good listener, a creative thinker, timely in completing the work, flexible, and open to discussing changes if something doesn’t quite feel ‘right.’ Most of all, he’s a wonderful writer.”


“He worked tirelessly to arrive at the best possible creative solution. Jonathan says more with less. His work pushed my firm to do better work and for that I will always be grateful. Jonathan is an incredible writer, however, when you work with him, you are getting far more than words on paper.”

Or this:

“Bringing Jonathan in was one of the best decisions I have made as director. I always look forward to the work that we do together, because he is not only keenly insightful, but a great listener, a calm presence and a delight to work with. He is transparent and clear in his business dealings, meets deadlines, and has a sense of humor on top of it all. Working with him has been a distinct pleasure.”

I look forward to working with you.

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I finished the first draft of a YA heist novel set in my hometown of Tokyo! I could not be more thrilled to be editing. Also working on a picture book manuscript and a revision on another this month.