A win today for creativity at the Supreme Court.

Jonathan Bing

Today’s ruling on Obamacare is a win for us all.

The argument around Obamacare is not whether we needed universal health care. Too many uninsured were riding on the MRIs of the insured, which is not a conservative or liberal system, just a stupid one. I’m not alone in saying health care is a conservative infrastructure issue; healthier workers mean higher productivity. It’s also a liberal justice issue; healthier kids do better in school and better in life, a benefit that shouldn’t just be for the non-poor.

Unfortunately, the fact that we all agree on universal health care got bent into a shape no one would recognize. When our blood pressure finally drops around this issue, maybe we’ll also see that good things come from a healthy country. And one of the best things might be creativity.

Artists, writers, coders, designers, and inventors of all sorts—often working for the passion rather than the paycheck—have one less shackle to hold inspiration back. We will treat disease while still trivial and keep our best minds working here in America, where the seeds of originality have always had fertile soil in which to bloom. (It even makes one wonder why we’ve let so many other developed countries have the healthcare advantage for so long.)

We can look forward to the many incredible things that emerge because we had the fortitude to finally figure this out. Over time, the sightline back to this Supreme Court ruling will likely be harder to see—our collective memories have a way of growing over the paths that lead from landmark issues—but the benefits will be everywhere.


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